After the hard work of Mike Beard and Roy Baker, on Sunday, we were able to prime and apply the chalkboard paint to the installation, Monday. The size of the building threw us at first. We didn’t think the installation was big enough, but with the dimensions of 10″ by 6″ by 48″ our installation is the normal size.

Because of the sirocco, or the Santa Anna’s, the primer and paint dried quickly. After a Thai snack break, via Lulu’s, we were excited to paint in our first stencil. The “Before I die…” paper templet is about 3″ by 10″ and acts like a kite in the wind. It was a challenge to handle but we experienced great joy after the flapping paper was finally staying put. The same infrequent breezes that felt refreshing to us, also gave the spray paint an uncontrollable life of its own. Oh well, life is about painting outside the lines.

We didn’t have our face mask to ward off the nasty buzz from the spray paint, so after we painted the “Before I die…” we called it a day. Unrefreshed from a night in the air conditioning, we headed out to finish the installation stenciling.

Friendly neighbors dropped by throughout the installation and on this last day, we had folks stopping and taking photos our blank canvas.

Now we are waiting to read the thoughts and aspirations of everyone. The chalk is in place and we have decided it was too bold to ask to sing with David Bowie, we are willing to be backups.