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Take a look at all the fun we had last night. The crowds really were out and active during this First Fridays in the Crossroads Arts District. We had many, many people sharing their dreams and hopes and aspirations with us. Getting your photo taken in front of the Before I die installation was a popular activity.

Enjoy a short film and slideshow.

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A Wish For Fraser & Debolt

Daisy and Allan at the farm

Daisy and Allan at the farm

We are guessing, but, we think that Leslie Lerner would love one more trip down memory lane with Fraser & Debolt. Unfortunately, Daisy Debolt died last year, but, Allan, if you see this, please come and play at our party.

Fraser & DeBolt perform a song at the Philadelphia Folk Festival in 1971.

Fraser & Debolt Theme

Brian Blain and Allan Fraser Yellow Door 2011 (Yes Fraser is still ALIVE)

Hellooooo from The Box Building, My First Feature: Director:Ann Jean Luc Stewart

New video:

The Box Building 214 W. 20th Street, Kansas City, Missouri

Leslie Lerner and Marion Merritt are friends who came together over a mutual love of art in all forms more than a decade ago. Leslie, an avid appreciator and collector, bought an old building on a whim in the heart of an emerging Kansas City arts district 3 years ago. The building, called the Box Building because of its previous incarnation, had great potential and we had lots of ideas. Unfortunately, we were buried under the weight of all those ideas.

Fast forward to this year when Marion, a passionate music lover and blogger, read about Candy Chang’s amazing “Before I Die” project. Serendipity! Eureka! Whoop de do! We will get our hands dirty with a good old fashioned art project and we can draw inspiration for the building’s potential from our neighbors. We will be the first to introduce “Before I Die” to Kansas City and Kansas City will help us answer the burning question for the Box Building: Before I Die I will become_____________________.

Before I Die…New Orleans via Candy Chang

Marion: Before I die: I EXPECT TO LIVE FOREVER

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